Back from Prague and Salzburg

Posted on Nov 2, 2009 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog

I’m back! The lest few days I went to Prague and Salzburg. We recorded 5 of the main tracks of “Dällebach Kari” in Prague with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The sessions went extremely well, the orchestra was very good and amazed us again by playing very difficult stuff almost perfect on the first take. I will post a small report and video of the sessions within the next few days.

After that, we flew over to Salzburg to meet up with the rest of the creative team of the musical to discuss the show and decide about scenic and musical issues. We also met up with the main actor of the show to discuss with him the singing style and attitude he should play the character. The musical is getting more and more shape and we’re all very happy about how it went so far.  We all feel that it’s becoming more and more shape and wer’re very pleased about how it all comes together.

Stay tuned for a scoring report to come soon.

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