Recording in Thun

Posted on Aug 14, 2009 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog

Yesterday, we went to Thun again to do some recordings with the musical orchestra. We recorded one of our already finished musical songs from “Dällebach Kari” – The Musical which will be played at thi’s year’s last show of “Jesus Christ Superstar” as kind of appetizer for next year.
It was quite a task to record in a orchestra pit built on a lake with people walking around behind the scenes making noises, doing soundchecks, rehearsing dances etc. but we got together a very nice recording thanks to the very professional conductor Ivan Wassilevski and the motivated musicians from the orchestra of the Thuner Seespiele.
Next week, the choir and soloist will be recorded on top of what we recorded yesterday.

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