Making Ofs

The following videos show footage of projects that I have worked on. Click on the players to start the video.


LOVEBUGS & Sinfonieorchester Basel – Event Concerts (2011)

On February 4th-6th, the popular Swiss band LOVEBUGS played 3 event concerts together with the Basel Symphony orchestra. I was co-arranger and orchestrator for this project.

Since October 2010, a small video blog was posted by members of the band, showing the rehearsals and project planning:

Part 1 – It’s Called Practice:



Part 2 – Already Enough Tasks:



Part 3 – It’s Got  A Good Sound:



Part 4 – The Force Will Be With You:



Part 5 – Stradivari Destroyed:



Part 6 – First Rehearsal With Full Orchestra:



Part 7 – Thank You for Such a Great Time:



First Orchestra Rehearsals (HD)



Priorin LF – Commercial Making Of (2010)

Here’s a making-of video of the TV Commercial “Priorin LF” which we did the score for. We had the rare opportunity to record an orchestra for a TV spot so excerpts from the session can be seen in the second half of the video.