Following some trailers of projects that I have worked on:

Liebling, lass uns scheiden (2010)

A feature film that will be out in cinemas on December 2nd, 2010, starring Marco Rima, Esther Schweins, Marc Keller and others. I wrote the original score for it in a very crossover style with a full symphonic orchestra together with a jazz quartet. The official trailer includes music from the score that I’ve written for the movie. Head over to the audio sections to hear more selections from the score.

Official Trailer:


Save Angel Hope (2006)

A feature film that I wrote the orchestral score for, starring Billy Boyd, Bernard Hill and others. None of the music used in the trailer is written by me. To listen to score tracks from this movie, head over to the audio section!

Morgen Ihr Luschen! – Der Ausbilder Schmidt Film (2008)

A feature film for the German speaking market starring comedian Ausbilder Schmidt and others. The score used in the trailer was produced with one live musician and samples, however the score of the movie used a full symphonic orchestra + choir and can be heard in the Audio section.

Tell (2007)

A feature film mocking the Swiss national myth of William Tell. The score of the Swiss teaser was written specifically for it and includes the Swiss national anthem. The score for the Swiss trailer was cut together from score cues. The music in the German trailer is some trailer stock music. Sections of the score can be heard in the Audio section.

Teaser Switzerland:

Trailer Switzerland:

Trailer Germany: