Cinematic Orchestration Course Tutor

Posted on Dec 5, 2009 in News

A while ago I have been contacted by Guy Michelmore from Thinkspaceonline if I was interested in working as a tutor for their newly founded online course for Cinematic Orchestration. This course, as all their courses, is aimed for people who want to get serious in the business of (film)music production. As an enrolled student, you are provided with an enormous amount of material, including a 500+ page course text with topics dealing specifically with the matter of filmic, hollywoodish orchestration and orchestrating for samples as well as a lot of score sheets from various film musics which are being dissected in the course plus a bunch of DVDs including interviews with musicians, orchestrators and arrangers, specific instructional videos with Nic Raine orchestrating several pieces in realtime, explaining why he does what as well as instructional videos about the effective use of samples and interviews with sample developers. This course also includes several assignments throughout, wanting you to focus on several things you just learned in the course and that’s where I come in. You have several tutorial credits and you can use one to send in one of your finished assignments and get detailed feedback from me or one of the other tutors about what to improve etc so you will be getting feedback about your learning process all the way through the course.

There is an online brochure about the course contents available at

Enrolment for the course will start shortly. So if you’re looking into expaning your knowledge on this field (and don’t want to take private lessons with me :-)), you might want to have a look at this course.

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