“Dällebach Kari – das Musical” ends with records + behind the scenes pictures

Posted on Aug 29, 2010 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog, News

On August 28th we had the last show of “Dällebach Kari – das Musical” at the Thuner Seespiele which was of course a very sad moment for everybody as we all enjoyed the show so much and had so much fun during the last weeks. But apart from having the last show in Thun, there is no reason at all to be sad. With over 76,000 sold tickets, we set a new record for the Thuner Seespiele.

No production since the show started in 2003 brought so many people to the stage and we got so much response from the audience that this was the best show they’ve ever seen at the Seespiele, so we are of course very proud! And the story doesn’t end here. Dällebach Kari – das Musical will move on! Next station will be Zurich in a lovely and very large indoor theatre where the musical will have its premiere on March 17th 2011. So if you were one of the poor people who were standing already 6 hours before the show started next to the stage during the last few days with signs in your hand asking for tickets, here’s your chance to see the show! More information on this soon!

We’re of course very happy about how this show got such a massive success. We always dreamt of it becoming a success but this actually happening is overwhelming.

I personally want to thank everybody involved in making this show! All of the 500 people on, under or behind the stage – you made this show come alive and I think I speak for the whole creative team saying that we are very proud and thankful for what we’ve all achieved!

Usually you get to see lots of pictures of what is going on on the stage but hardly anybody has seen how it looks behind and under the stage so I took the chance during the preparation of the last show to take a few pictures under the stage:

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