Dällebach Kari – Rehearsals and first shows

Posted on Jul 18, 2010 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog, News

On July 14th we were supposed to have the premiere of “Dällebach Kari – Das Musical”, however due to bad weather forecast, the premiere was moved to Monday, July 19th. Regular shows started on July 15th so we’ve had 3 shows so far but no premiere yet :)

I’ve been (except for some interruptions for Prague, London and Leipzig) in Switzerland for 4 weeks now, being at rehearsals and watching the show grow into its final shape every day. The first few shows went extremely well, we got standing ovations on every evening by approx. 2700 people (sold out every night), lot’s of cheering etc. and it is a very touching moment every evening. Also we got some amazing press reviews and media coverage with really great reports about the show so we’re very pleased about how the show is embraced by the public.

Below you can see a report on the Swiss TV about the first played show:


Below I’ve collected some impressions from the rehearsals of the show:

Recording musical ensemble and choir beforehand, to support huge mass singing scenes later in the show and give the impression of a larger choir

The choir of the Thuner Seespiele being recorded as well

For the first few weeks while the stage was still being built in Thun, we rehearsed in a large indoor facility, which had the dimensions of the stage later including markings of everything that will be on the stage later on the floor.

The space for the audiences, no chairs yet. During the show up to 2700 people will hear and see the show every night. On top behind glass: the sound and light cabin.

The stage as seen from the beach…

… and as seen from the lake.

The stage itself during a rehearsal without costumes yet.

The first orchestra rehearsals in the Thuner Seespiel Haus in Thun. 25 musicians giving their very best!

Picture from the Sitzprobe – the first time when the singers sing the songs together with the orchestra. A very magic moment!

The risk of open air shows – nature at work: during a rehearsal a hive of bees decided that one of our tables should now be their new home. Rehearsal was cancelled that day.

After more than a year of work on this musical, it is just a very great experience to see it all come together and I want to thank everybody – all of the 400 people involved either on stage or behind the stage – for making this possible. During this time, I met so many great people, we all had so much fun and it was and of course still IS a pleasure working with all of you! This is just an amazing experience and I’m really glad to be part of this!

If you haven’t seen the show yet and somehow happen to be around, you should really try to get one of the rare remaining tickets!

For more information, photos, reviews etc. just head over to the website of the Thuner Seespiele: www.thunerseespiele.ch


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