Dällebach Kari – TV Report and Press Kick-off

Posted on Feb 10, 2010 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog, News

I’m STILL in Switzerland, even though the workshop for Dällebach Kari finished already 5 days ago. Today was a big press kick-off event in Thun with 300 guests from media, sponsors etc. which we attended.  During the event, a few songs from the show were played, the main actors played some scenes and short videos from the workshop as well as presentations of the stage design and costumes were showed to the press. There was also LOTS of press material and flyers produced…

The stage without guests and Moritz on the piano rehearsing

A bronze statue of Dällebach Kari, 2,20m high and weighs 400kg… made especially for the show.

Lots of flyers…

… and press kits!

Also there was a report about our workshop on Swiss national TV yesterday. You can have a look at it below.

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