Dällebach Kari – Workshop in Thun

Posted on Jan 30, 2010 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog, News

I’m currently (once again) in Switzerland for our Musical “Dällebach Kari”, which will have its premiere in July. We’re currently doing a workshop with the main cast and some extras in a rehearsal stage right in the office building of the “Thuner Seespiele” close to the lovely lake where the outdoor stage will be located in summer.

We’re rehearsing the songs and working on the script, “shaving off the edges”, bringing the songs into shape for inserted dialogues, walking time etc. pp, ready to present a “workshop” version of the musical on February 6th.

The workshop is lots of fun, we’re working with a great team and a great cast and we all enjoy it very much and have lots of fun. Finally after a year’s work, the whole thing comes together and gets into the right shape. It’s really wonderful seing how the show grows every day we’re working on it.

I will post more pictures from the workshop here soon.

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