Excerpts from the Live CD from Dällebach Kari – das Musical

Posted on Nov 27, 2010 in "Dällebach Kari" - The Musical - Production Blog, News

After the live recording CD of the original cast of our musical “Dällebach Kari” has been available for a few weeks and made a chart entry in the Swiss Album charts already, I’d like to present a few excerpts from this CD here. If you want to buy the CD, you can do so at Weltbild, exlibris or the know mp3 stores like amazon, Napster or itunes.

Was wird us mir?

The first song Dällebach sings which covers his transformation from child to adult. A positive up-tempo number.


Kuurlige Chutz

The townfolk of Bern gather around Karis Barber shop and arrogantly sing about this odd guy. A very straight forward kind of march.


Ds grosse Fescht

Inn-owner Frau Jenny is trying to get two of her always-drunk regular guests to help her prepare for a big fair for which she provides drinks and food. A big swingy-jazzy tune.


Dy bescht Fründ

Kari enters the inn for the first time and orders a milk. One mysterious guest approaches him and convinces him to try alcohol. A very demonic, quite dissonant piece which builds up to a very surreal climax.


Frei wie dr Summerwind

Annemarie, a young woman, is having a discussion with her mother, who wants her to marry a man from higher stand. Annemarie however has other plans, she wants to study, see the world and be “Free as the summer wind”. An uplifting ballad.


Vergiss d’Annemarie

The ominous guest from earlier who turned out to be the alcohol convinces Kari, that Annemarie just set him up and convinces him to drink more alcohol. A dramatic rocky number with a demonic spirit.


Stärn über Bärn

The big finale of the show. A very hymnic piece.


If you like these excerpts and want to listen to more tracks from the show, go and get your copy of the CD right now :)

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