I Krig & Kærlighed / In Love & War – Film Score

Posted on May 23, 2018 in I Krig & Kærlighed, News

I’m very happy and excited to be writing the score for the Danish feature film I Krig & Kærlighed / In Love & War. It’s a film set in World War I era in southern Denmark. The story follows Danish man Esben who flees from World War I, forced to abandon his wife and children in order to save his own life. Hiding close to his home, he watches as the German officer Gerhard moves in and replaces his role as the man of the house. Esben is forced to decide whether or not to keep hiding or to stand up for what he believes in, even if it costs him his life.

It is one of the highest budgeted Danish movies of all time and I’m extremely proud to be part of it.

The orchestral score will be recorded in September with a movie release set for November 15th. I just started writing the music and am very excited to add a musical layer to this fantastic movie.

Below is a first teaser which is scored with my arrangement of the Danish song Sig nærmer tiden which shows some of the marvellous footage of the movie:

Stay tuned for more information on this. Make sure to also follow the movie on Facebook.

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