“Liebling, lass uns scheiden” – Premiere in Zurich

Posted on Nov 17, 2010 in News

On November 16th, I went to Zurich to attend the world premiere of “Liebling, lass uns scheiden” for which I and Moritz wrote the score. The premiere took place in the really large cinema “Corso” in Zurich and was a big success.

Here are some pictures from the premiere:

You can listen to music from the soundtrack in the audio section or here:


People were cheering and applauding during the movie and there was a long applause after the movie. It was a really nice evening and many people approached us, telling us that they loved the music and keep humming some of the tunes. It was great meeting all the people who were involved in this production and having a chat with them. The complete photo series of the premiere can be watched at www.tillate.com. The movie will be in cinemas on December 9th so make sure to watch it!

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