Liebling, lass uns scheiden – Recording Sessions and lots of MP3s

Posted on Jul 16, 2010 in News, Scoring Session Reports

There’s so much happening at the moment, that I hardly manage to keep my site updated. After I’ve scored the movie “Liebling, lass uns scheiden” during the last few weeks (parallel to going to London, attending rehearsals in Thun etc.) we went to Prague on July 6th, to record the orchestral score for the movie. This time, the music was a bit different from what we’ve done before as it incoporates a jazz quartett on many parts of the score together with a full symphonic orchestra. The sessions were great fun and we really enjoyed the playing of the fantastic Robert Balzar Trio together wit the City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra. 2 days after the session, I went straight to Leipzig to attend the mixing of the score at Genuin. Holger Busse once again did a fantastic job at mixing the score so I can present you with some brand new recordings.
There’s a huge variety of styles in this score as the movie jumps around in film quotes so we had to cover a wide range of musical languages.

Let’s begin with the epic opening of the movie, showing a massive camera crane sequence…

And while we’re at epic:

A big “running towards each other over a green meadow”-scene:

A short spoof of big old epic desert movies:

Some dramatic, Elfmanish, busy scene change music:

… and some scene change in a Horror movie style…

One of the big highlights of the movie and probably of the score is a 5min action sequence towards the end of the movie:

and the swingy Christmas Song “Merry Christmas Everybody”:

There’s also lots of emotionality:

And some golden age style:

… Tango…

and lots of Jazz:

And finalley here’s a short video of the recording sessions.


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