Lovebugs & Basel Symphony Orchestra – Orchestration Marathon

Posted on Jan 9, 2011 in News

During the last few weeks, I have been very busy orchestrating the music for the big event concert in the Stadtcasino Basel, where on February 4th, 5th and 6th the Swiss Rock band LOVEBUGS will play together with the Basel Symphony Orchestra. Together with musical director and arranger Robert Emery and Moritz Schneider, I have been writing the arrangements of 90 minutes of the band’s most popular songs from several decades of their work and orchestrated these for the full symphonic orchestra line-up  which has been quite a massive task. By now, almost all arrangements are finished and we’re all very happy of how they turned out.

The impressive venue has a huge organ built in as well which we will use as well for a massive number.

Apart from the musical side, there will be quite an impressive light and stageing set-up.

The band has been rehearsing together with Robert for quite a few weeks now and thanks to Simon and Stefan from the band, there is a very entertaining little rehearsal diary from these sessions, which also shows the evolution of certain arrangements etc.:

Part 1 – It’s Called Practice:

Part 2 – Already Enough Tasks:

Part 3 – It’s Got  A Good Sound:

Part 4 – The Force Will Be With You:

Part 5 – Stradivari Destroyed:

I’ll fly over to Basel on January 16th to attend the first orchestra rehearsals and I’m really excited to see and hear the arrangements come to life. Stay tuned for a rehearsal report and pictures! If you happen to live around Basel/Switzerland, make sure to get a ticket!

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