Lovebugs & Sinfonieorchester Basel – What an overwhelming weekend

Posted on Feb 7, 2011 in News

I just got back from Basel/Switzerland, where I’ve been to the last few days to attend the final rehearsals and shows of the joint venture by the popular Swiss band Lovebugs and the Basel Symphony Orchestra. Since october I have been working on it together with Moritz Schneider and Robert Emery and orchestrated over 90 minutes of music for a 80 piece orchestra plus band.

I’m still overwhelmed by the reception of this concert. The show was a massive success, selling out the venue on all 3 evenings, people standing, cheering, applauding and singing through the whole show. This was something, we all hoped for but nobody really expected. The Lovebugs fan page on facebook as well as twitter and youtube was flooded with enthusiastic comments by so many people.

I’m incredibly thankful to have been part of this project. It was a blast working with all these fantastic musicians and people behind the stage. We all had so much fun, the orchestra players were doing a fabulous job and were enjoying themselves (including cellists playing standing(!)), the band played extremely well and this whole fusion was working together so perfectly.

The reception by the critics and newspapers has been equally euphoric as with the audience.

There is no DVD or CD release confirmed yet, however the show was filmed and audio recorded and considering the fantastic reception, chances are quite big for such a release.

Below you can watch a short video of the show strating with our very filmic intro:

Also, there are some fantastic fotos by Tabea Hüberli

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