New Feature Film: Stationspiraten

Posted on Feb 14, 2010 in News

I just got home from Switzerland, where I was for 3 weeks, participating in the workshop of Dällebach Kari as well as some press events and while the test audience and media in Switzerland seem to really like the first bits of the musical they’ve seen, there is no time for relaxation for me at home. We just began working on a new feature film which looks very promising. The movie is called “Stationspiraten” and will have its cinematic release in fall 2010.

Here’s a short summary of the plot:

A few adolescent boys share a very peculiar neighbourhood: the cancer ward of a hospital. Suffering from various forms of cancer, all of them face an uncertain future. They cope with their life-threatening situation through their joy of living. Friendship and experience play an important role for adolescents. But they become indispensable when your “formative years” are spent in pyjamas and hooked up to pipes. However, sharing a somewhat similar fate doesn’t make them equals. Each and every one of the boys has his own personal luggage to carry along with the deadly disease.

We’ve just seen the first few scenes of it and it seems to be a very well acted and emotionally touching movie. I’m really looking forward to writing the score for it. Actual work on it will begin in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

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