One Minute Hero – New Action Track

Posted on Aug 30, 2013 in News

A few days ago, I set up a new computer system to produce orchestral music with for the cases when I need to demo something for customers or there’s not enough budget for a real orchestra.

I used this chance to have a little fun with that system and wrote a little piece in a good old fashioned action style, which you can listen to here:

Due to the great community I have over at my FACEBOOK PAGE and on TWITTER, there was a overwhelming response to that track, there were also a lot of interested people who wanted to know what is going on in that track. Therefore I made the score sheet for it available as well as a breakdown into the individual orchestral sections.

The score sheet can be read and downloaded here:

And here’s the audio breakdown of all the sections which can be downloaded as 24bit/48kHz wav files.

I hope you find this useful, if you have any questions on how things work in that track, feel free to use the comment function below.  For more of these exclusive things, make sure to LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE.


  1. The brass sounds so realistic. I love these killing sfz’s. I ‘d liked to know more about your new set up. Software and hardware wise. Any advice of how to make a sampled orchestra sound like the real thing?

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    • Thanks Dimos!

      Hardware is a i7-3930K, 64GB Ram and some SSDs. It’s actually a system from

      Software: I work in Studio One 2 with VEPro 5, Libraries used: Hollywood Strings, Cinestrings 2, Hollywood Brass, Berlin Woodwinds, QLSO Gold, True Strike, The Timpani and some small ones.

      Hope that answers your questions.


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  2. Great stuff man! Seeing all the stems for this (which is super useful btw) makes me wonder how you started orchestrating/arranging for this piece? For example, did you get a straight minute of all the string parts and then add a minute of all the percussion, ect? Or do you get 10-15 seconds of all the instruments at a time and break it down like that? Thanks!

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  3. This is really, REALLY cool! Thanks for posting the score. It’s great to walk through this step by step with the stems

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