Orchestrations and Arrangements for KINECT RUSH by Pixar and Microsoft

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in News

In November/December 2011, I have been working on KINECT RUSH, a major game release by Microsoft and Pixar. By order of Dynamedion, I orchestrated big portions of the score which featured musical styles from several Pixar worlds like Ratatouille, Cars, The Incredibles, Up and Toy Story. For the musical “signature” for The Incredibles and Up,  just as in the original movie, a Big Band was used to add that extra jazzy flavour. The  FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague and members of the hr Big Band recorded the score for the game.


Below you can watch a gameplay of the game featuring music from the score:



Also, here’s a promo video:



And an excerpt of the Big Band recordings, done in December in Frankfurt/Germany.




For more information on the game, visit the official page.

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