Violin Concerto for Anna Karkowska released on CD

Posted on Apr 22, 2011 in News

After quite a few months went by since the recording of my Violin Concerto for Anna Karkowska and the London Symphony Orchestra in July 2010, finally a CD has been released which contains the concerto together with selections from Paganini, Wienawski and Sarasate.

The 2 CD set “Virtuosity” has been released by the lable Starlight Classics and can be ordered on their site: You can get more information about the CD as well as listen to some audio snippets on the site. The CD comes together with a nice paper digipak including a booklet with a few notes on the recording as well as the creation process of my concerto.

However, as happy as I am about the release of this CD, I want to clearly express that I do not endorse the way the music is presented on it and that I did not have any influence on the final mix and production of my concerto. I do not endorse the added audio glitches, bad edits, phase issues and the overal mono sound of the recording and want to state that this was purely a decision made by the lable.

I am very disappointed about how much of the orchestral textures and quality of the recording got lost in the post production process and feel very sorry for the fantastic musicians from the LSO as well as the engineers from Abbey Road who did such a brillant job on the recording.

Also, I did not have any influence about the visual content which is used to present the third movement of my concerto on Youtube, however, as this is the only way you can have a listen to the complete third movement for free, I want to include the video on this site as well:


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