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Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in News

I’m a person who needs the invention of another playback mode on mp3 players. This mode would need to be called “Repeat 10 seconds“.

Quite often I find myself listening to music, having a moment of “Wait a second, what exactly was just that, that was cool!”, stopping the player, scrolling back a few seconds and listening again. If at that moment, I can not figure out just yet by ear what was going on I will move on to figuring this out on the piano. However, very often I like that moment so much that I want to “Repeat 10 seconds” it for quite a while in my player. Well, sometimes “a while” can be a day or even longer.

I wasn’t really sure whether this was a strange behaviour or constructive, but after talking to a few friends and colleagues about my “Repeat 10 Seconds” problem, I was assured that I’m not THAT strange as obviously many people working in the music world do something like that.

By now, I love these moments and find them to be a very effective tool to broaden my musical vocabulary to focus on isolated musical phrases or events.

This little (quite hidden) sub blog of my website will share these moments with you guys but will mainly be a little “remember that” diary for myself, as after looking back on 2013 and having approximately 10 of such moments over the year, I kept struggling to remember them all.

So of course, this blog will be highly subjective and only cover the things that I find cool :) This can actually be almost everything from classical music to chart music and anything in between. If you are artistically insulted because I might reference to something that I heard in a Lady Gaga song, this blog will probably not be for you but if you would like to join me on finding cool little moments in music, you will probably find a few good reads here in the future.

I have no prediction whatsoever when the next of such moments will happen so this might be empty for a while, but at least now I have a platform to get going :) If you want to comment etc. or simply insult me about my musical taste, feel free to do that in the comment section below :)

Let the fun begin…


  1. Great idea!

    Ok this is way more than 10 seconds but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful sounding things ever created in music. Radiohead – Nude (2:44 – 3:11ish)

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  2. Well done! Looks like it’s gonna be interesting! ;)

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