4. The best film music for your movie might not necessarily be your favorite music

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 in The Directors/Producers Guide to Working with a Film Composer

It happens quite often that inexperienced directors want to add music to their movie simply because they like it.

For example they try to hire one of their favorite rock bands for their drama just because they think it is cool music that would be cool to have in their movie. However, often this music doesn’t serve the dramatic purpose of the movie. You as a director might be happy if you hear your favorite music in your movie but there might be quite a big chance of your audience reacting quite irritated. Ask yourself whether the music you want to add really fits the movie. If you really want to have your favorite band in your movie, a good spot to feature them would be in the End Credits or a possible montage scene in the movie. We’ll have a look at songs in the movies later.


  1. [4] 자기가 좋아하는 음악이라고 해서 꼭 영화에 잘 맞는 것은 아니다 (로빈 호프만의 '영화음악 작곡가와 일하고자 하는 영화감독/프로듀서를 위한 지침서') | Narie Juerian | 영상음악 작곡 - […] “The Director’s/Producer’s Guide to Working with A Film Composer – 4. The be… Robin Hoffmann, 2011년 9월 29일. 번역:…

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