Robin Hoffmann – Composer – Orchestrator – Arranger

More than 15 years of professional experience working with some of the best orchestras in the world (eg. LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA)

I graduated from the Dresden University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” with a diploma degree in Composition, Arrangement and Piano, studying under Rainer LischkaMarko Lackner, Lars Juling, Jochen Aldinger and others.

During that time I have already been working as composer and orchestrator on several major film projects, including the British comedy SAVE ANGEL HOPE starring Billy BoydBernard Hill where I had the opportunity to record a feature film score with full orchestra only at the age of 21. Most recently, I have written the score for the multi award winnig short films A FATHER’S JOB and HERO and A WAR WITHIN, which won the Best Nordish Film and Audience Award at 24th Santa Barbara Film Festival. In the past years I have written the scores for several national and international film productions such as MORGEN IHR LUSCHEN! – DER AUSBILDER SCHMIDT FILM, TELL, LIEBLING, LASS UNS SCHEIDEN and others. In 2020 I wrote the score for A FATHER’S JOB, which won several awards since then, including Best Score at Hollywood Gold Awards and Best Score at Long Story Shorts International Film Festival. Most recently, I orchestrated the score by Nobuko Toda for one episode of STAR WARS VISIONS by Disney+.

Robin Hoffmann

In 2009, I was commissioned to co-compose the music for the musical DÄLLEBACH KARIThe show won four “Goldene ImScheinwerfer” Awards (including best Musical) as well as two Prix Walo Awards (including best Musical/Theatre Production). Due to the big success of the show, it is has been performed again in spring 2011 in Zurich’s Theater 11 and in fall 2013 in Berne/Switzerland. In 2016 I arranged the music for the THE ONE GRAND SHOW at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin which was the most successful show of the house since its opening almost 100 years ago. I also co-arranged its follow-up show VIVID – GRAND SHOW which was celebrated by critics and audience alike.

I’m writing concert music on a quite regular basis for several ensembles and artists, including orchestras, big bands and chamber ensembles. In 2010 I was commissioned to write a violin concerto for Anna Karkowska and the London Symphony Orchestra which has been recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. I have been orchestrating music for live tours by Russell Watson and Sarah Chang. In 2012 I composed the overture for the “Bridges to Classic” open air concert event at Händelfestspiele in Halle/Saale. Big parts of the debut album REFLECTIONS by classical soprano Aliki have been arranged, orchestrated and produced by me. I arranged/orchestrated compositions by Christian Sprenger based on melodies by Martin Luther for an Album and Concert production.


Years of experience bringing a Band and Orchestra together on stage or in arrangements

In 2010/2011 I wrote orchestrations for a highly successful crossover event-concert series by the popular Swiss Rock Band LOVEBUGS and the Basel Symphony Orchestra being called “A lesson in crossover” by critics and also co-orchestrated a show of soul singer Seven with the 21st Century Orchestra in the same year. I regularly work as arranger/orchestrator for pop album productions. I have contributed strings, brass or orchestral arrangements for albums and tracks by many artists, including Gary Barlow, Bonnie Tyler, Sophe Ellis-Bextor, Ronan Keating, SevenLOVEBUGS, and Sodagreen. Since 2015 I wrote arrangements for different crossover shows between the 21st Century Orchestra and pop artists such as Stefanie HeinzmannDJ BoBo. For the ECHO2016 award show I arranged choir parts for Sarah Connor. I have written and orchestrated big parts of the orchestral arrangements for Matthias Schweighöfer‘s debut album LACHEN WEINEN TANZEN. For Vladimir Klitschko’s Label Release event, I arranged Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ CAN’T STOP for orchestra performed at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Since 2018 I arranged several 80s and 90s dance hits for Alex Christensen‘s Classical 90s Dance Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 Album. I co-arranged and co-orchestrated the Ministry of Sound – The Annual Classical live show which is currently touring through the United Kingdom. Most recently I arranged and produced the crossover album DARK ANGEL by Lucy Kay with cinematic arrangements of iconic pop and rock songs.

My work also includes composition and orchestration for international commercial campaigns. For Song Zu, I have written the music for the INTO THE WOODS commercial campaign by John West Australia which has been recorded with a 70 piece orchestra as well as the 2018 Christmas Commercial Campaign by Air New Zealand.

Bringing an unique vision and profound knowledge to your project

Besides that, I’m also working in the field of game music. I have co-written and co-arranged the score for NCSOFT’s Lineage W. As orchestrator I have worked on major game titles such as BLACK PROPHECY,  HALO LEGENDSPIXAR’S KINECT RUSH, ANNO 1404 and ANNO 2205. In 2017, I arranged parts of Chris Huelsbeck’s music for the TURRICAN series for orchestra.

For the Europäische Filmphilharmonie, I regularly orchestrate and arrange film music including THE LORD OF THE RINGS, LOVE STORY, HALLOWEEN, DEATH ON NILE and many more which get performed internationally by major orchestras. For a live concert at the Zurich Film Festival, I have arranged TIME from Inception for Hans Zimmer, who was playing the Piano at this concert himself.


Over the last seventeen years, I have been specializing in working on projects with real orchestras and ensembles, including THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, CITY OF PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, FILMHARMONIC ORCHESTRA PRAGUE, STAATSKAPELLE WEIMAR, SINFONIEORCHESTER BASEL, 21ST CENTURY ORCHESTRA, STAATSKAPELLE HALLE, BRANDENBURGISCHES STAATSORCHESTER FRANKFURT, RADIOSINFONIEORCHESTER BERLIN and others, providing a lot of experience and knowledge in handling projects with real musicians.

Besides my work as composer, orchestrator and arranger, I have been a private teacher for composition, orchestration and music theory for several students around the world and have been a tutor for the online course Cinematic Orchestration by Thinkspaceducation. I’m running a successful Patreon Channel with educational content about Film Scoring and writing music for Orchestra.

I live and work in Berlin, Germany.


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Film Scores, Concert Works, Arrangements, Orchestrations, Theatre Shows, Musicals

Over the last years I have worked on a wide range of projects. Below you’ll find a link to a list of my projects, including audio and video demos. Take a look around.