Welcome to the Tutorials. Here you will find tutorials and articles about several topics regarding music, film music, composition and generally the work of a film composer.

The Composition Process

After the spotting session is done and all details concerning the music are fixed, the most common procedure is for the director/producer to get back to other post-production issues and for the composer to go home/to his/her studio and to start working.

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The Scoring Session

Depending on the budget and size of the production, there will be a scoring session. This could be from having a soloist for an hour in the composer’s studio up to a full symphony orchestra for several days in a big recording studio. Depending…

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Film Music Budget

Before you budget for the music, you should be aware that a music budget always consists of two to three factors. The first is the composition fee, the second the costs that are necessary to produce the score music and the third are the licensing fees…

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Orchestral Off-beats, Groove and Odd Meters

This time I will talk a little bit about rhythmical aspects to be considered when writing for (real) orchestra, as – not surprisingly – not everything that grooves in your mind or sequencer will come out as you want it when you’re dealing with an orchestra.

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The Harmonic Series

This tutorial deals with the harmonic series from a musical and compositional point of view. There are tons of information on this issue available dealing with the acoustic phenomenon of this issue but I’ll try and focus on the things, the harmonic series can do for you in your music or what you can do for the harmonic series in order to not make it spoil your music.

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