9-1 Resolutions

In practically any chord type and progression you can add very filmic sounding inner voices by relying on the 9-1 resolution. When you for example use a C major chord it will give you a colourful inner voice when some instrument (apart from the bass of course) plays a melodic phrase from D (which would be the 9th of the chord) to C as long as this chord sustains.

You can use this principle on almost every chord type and when done cleverly you can create long inner lines over several bars which will add a lot of harmoinc colour to your chord progression.

This resolution is also very useful as melodic device and has a lot of sweeping epicness but also sentimentality to it.

Of course, use your ear to determine whether it is going too far with these resolutions and make sure to not have these resolutions all the time in the same instrument. As with any “interesting gimmick”, the dosage of it defines its effectivity.


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