Being Available All The Time

The feeling of needing to be available for customers all the time and at any hour can be really health damaging. The fear of missing a carreer boosting opportunity or something like this because of taking a day off or being on vacation for a few days can be really strong but is something that will destroy you over time.

At latest when you start to plan important events of your private life around your work and not the other way around, you should stop and think again. Yes, there is a chance of missing a job opportunity but you should value the recreational effect that you get from a vacation or other social events as an investment in your future and career as well.

And on a side note, I never heard from any composer friend or experienced myself the loss of a really important project just because of being “off duty” for a few days. If you plan cleverly and maybe check once a day your emails while you’re not working replying to important emails to let people know that you’re not ignoring them, chances are quite high that you get through just fine with getting your deserved days off and still being able to work on that cool project you got asked for once you get back.


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