Black sheep in the business

Never trust any spectacular business promises by someone in the business who you don’t know. Unfortunately there are a lot of black sheep in the media world trying to especially talk inexperienced people into working on something under circumstances they didn’t really agree to. Be especially warned by anything where you should work for free on something beforehand but when “it all gets cleared it will be a huge opportunity and lots of money for you”. No serious business partner would make anybody work for free on something without some security or compensation for his/her work. So generally be skeptical about any business offer that sounds too good to be true, as it usually isn’t. And unless you have a contract that clarifies and includes all the things you have been promised, don’t invest too much work into anything. Probably every composer working in the field has at least one story of people trying or actually succeeding to rip him/her off. So keep a healthy skepticism at any time.


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