Consequences of Unfair Business Behavior

Play a fair game. Ripping off people you work with is definitely one of the worst ideas. In the media world, reputation and the word of mouth are very strong factors. Once you get a reputation to be someone who doesn’t play fair business, you’re likely to not get rid of this again. This applies also for one time contacts or small deals that might seem to have no big business relevance at first. They can easily grow to a reputation killer, especially with social media connecting people (of the same working field) so closely together.

And you might never know if that small musician that you just ripped off by not paying or paying too late, tricking him/her into signing bad agreements etc. doesn’t have connections to one of your major contacts etc. Being a fair player, trustworthyness, friendlyness, loyality and reliabilty are things that might at first maybe take a chance from you to somehow get a few extra bucks. But this is way worth it over the long run.


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