Film Premiere Nights

Premiere nights are not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s usually a loud, crowded night with lots of meaningless small talk. However, as a composer you should try to be present on such occasions. Even though, the film composer is one of the key members of the crew, due to his/her “seperated” working process, hardly anybody knows the person behind the music.

Events like premieres are great for connecting a face with the music. As a big part of networking is based on a personal relationship such events are great to aquire new or revive old contacts. You can write the greatest film music but as long as nobody can connect a face with your name or know something like “Ah, that was the guy at the premiere with whom I talked about basket ball”, you will get easily lost in their memory and might not be remembered.

Also, on such premieres, alot of other business relevant people might be around which don’t neccessarily have something to do with the project. There might be a director friend of your movie’s director etc. Of course, this also needs a bit of courage to approach people and talk to them. Standing around in the corner silently doesn’t help your business relations. So as much as such events might be uncomfortable for you, they are excellent networking possibilities and you should try to to get the maximum out of them.


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