Giving a Face to the Name

Clients and customers prefer to have a clear image of who is actually working for them. There are quite a few people who hide behind umpersonal websites that they call something like “Awesome Music Studio”, speaking of “we” and “us” without ever clarifying who are the people behind that.

In my experience, this is quite a big turn off for potential customers. People want to have faces and personalities to talk to and not feel like they are about to enter a professional relationship with an undefined personality. This is particularly important when your job mainly has something to do with customer contact (e.g. doing works for hire for films etc.) So even if you don’t act on your own but work in a team, make sure that your customer has a clear idea of who are the people behind that even before getting to know you in personal. Make sure the “Team” page is easy to find and creates the important personal and social feeling to make customers feel more comfortable.


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