Hit Point Intensity

The intensity of hitting an action or a certain moment in a music cue is a quite delicate matter. Inexperienced composers tend to over-accent such moments most of the time. Minor actions sound like highly dramatic moments and even while the mood of the overall cue is less “dramatic”, over-accenting a hit point can feel very over-scored and out of place.

Determine whether the moment that you’re hitting really needs to be heavily accented or whether it is just a small accent and reduce the forces that you’re using accordingly. Also, check how much the accent you’re hitting is already highlighted in the movie. If there’s a dialogue going on and in one of the sentences a really big revelation is made even though the visual language or scene pace doesn’t change, you need to step in stronger with the music as in scenes where the same revelation takes place by a sudden slow motion, flash-back montage with heavy sound effects. Doubling this will rather cause a feeling of redundancy.


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