Learning a new Software

Every now and then, you have to learn how to use a new piece of software, for instance you switch to a new sequencer or simply get to know a new sample library etc. With quite complex software for music professionals, the learning curve can sometimes be very unpleasant. There are several different approaches to getting to know a new software. Some people work bit by bit through the manual, taking a very organized approach to learn every feature while others just go ahead and do the trial and error method. I’ve made the experience that the learning is faster and more fun if you just try to figure out by yourself how things work. Once you figure something out you have that little reward moment which makes your brain memorize things better than just reading about it. I only consult the manual or google when I can’t find a way out of a problem. Another effective approach is to have someone show you the main functions or guide you while you’re working on it. It might also be helpful to read a little bit through the manual once you know the programme quite well as then you might know the structure of how things work and certain shortcuts or hidden functions mentioned in the manual will further help you increase your workflow. Spend some considerable time learning and using all possible shortcuts.


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