Midi Controller Curves in Score Sheets

Just because you have drawn extensive Midi Controller curves into your sampled mock-up doesn’t mean you have to translate all that into the score sheet before you go to a real orchestra recording. Extensive micro-managed hairpins will not really do any good on the scoring stage and rather prevent musicians from playing the music with a natural flow. Be aware that real musicians will never play a “flat dynamic” but rather shape the music dynamically according to it’s contour and context. Even worse are things like trying to micro manage the amount of vibrato via notational instructions. Unless you want no, very little or really heavy vibrato, no indication is needed. Players will figure out on their own which notes are expressive peaks that could use a little more vibrato and which notes feel rather neutral. Of course it is needed to write in grand dynamic gestures and general dynamic shaping but avoid having score sheets that are cluttered with unnecessary information that will give no information value to the player.


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