Momentum of a Big Project

Once you’ve finished a project that is rather big for you considering your portfolio, don’t fall in the state of “Now, I’ve done this, time to relax a bit.”  Use the momentum of the project and try to aquire new jobs. It is much easier to push open doors with things like “Yes, I’ve just done *major project X*, maybe you have heard about it on TV/Cinema/Game/Website etc.?” Even if you haven’t done a single job worth mentioning before that project, being in the position of saying something like this makes you appear like “Wow, this guy seems to be busy getting the big gigs, we should consider hiring him.” Even if you do this just a few months or even weeks after your project, the momentum gets lost quite considerably. Things like “Half a year ago, I did this one project, maybe you remember?” always have two downsides. 1.) Your possible new customer might not remember even if he/she noticed your project when it was hot. and 2.) That provokes the question or thought “So, you haven’t done anything (worth mentioning) in the last half year? Seems like you’re not really big in the business.” So never rest once you’ve completed a cool project but use it to move yourself forward.


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