Musical Logic of Hit Points

Whenever you score a sequence that includes hit-points that need to sync up with the video, many inexperienced film composers go the way of superimposing orchestral effects on top of the music in order to accent the hit points they need to hit. This often results in random cymbal crashes or brass stabs somewhere in a bar, at worst not even with a rhythmic relation to what is going on in the music.

Usually this will feel very unorganic in the movie later on and will seem like bad sound design lacking any relation to the actual music. So the essence should always be to make any musical hit point logical in the grid of music. They should always feel like part of the music (even if it is surprising).It is of course more challenging and requires more craftmanship to shape the music the way that even a hit point sitting in the middle of a bar feels musically logical but this should always be the goal to aim for.


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