On Screen Credit

In the excitement of getting to start working on a project, it is not uncommon to forget to negotiate about smaller things that in the end might become reason for frustration. One of these things is your credit. Not negotiating the place and way you will be credited beforehand might become really frustrating for up and coming composers as they might be buried in tiny font in the end credits roll etc. So negotiate such things beforehand so nobody gets surprised. On the other hand, prominent on screen credits are a nice push for the ego and a nice way of appreciation of your work, but they are nothing more than that. I personally haven’t gotten any job by somebody calling me up telling me they saw my name on the title credits nor do I know any composer who has. It is way more important to have done that project and have it as a part of your references and when googling about the project finding your name than having it written in 5 feet letters on the screen. So in general, it is of course nice and also important to get a proper on screen credit, but there are more important things in your career than that.


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