Overstretching the Possibilities of Film Music

There’s just a certain range of how far you can musically push something in a movie that is not there but is supposed to be there. At a certain point of trying to push too hard, it just gets ridiculous. Especially scenes which are supposed to be scary but visually there is practically no clue for that, you can “colour” a little with the music but you can’t make the audience sit on the edge of their seats.

It is important to know beforehand what might be possible to pull off with the music and what not. It is better to say “I really don’t think I can put it whith the music where you want it to be, maybe you need to find another way to make this scene work.” than telling that you can pull it off but ultimately don’t succeed.

These things don’t only happen on less professional productions but also professional movies sometimes have a “weak spot” that couldn’t be fixed anymore while shooting/editing and need to be helped with the music.


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