Paying for Job Offers

There are quite a few people and companies who try to make money from the fact that the market for media composers is extremely crowded and everybody is looking for jobs.

There are a few platforms online that promise access to “job offers” if you pay a certain amount of money or join the site for a monthly membership fee etc. To my knowledge, apart from this, the often very few job offers you see there are usually widely spread on several such sites (causing endless people to apply for it) and way lower profile than they might sound.

Additionally, I have never heard from any composer who got a serious job that was really beneficial for his/her career over such a platform. I’ve heard from people getting low profile, badly paid work over such a site though that hardly compensated for the money they invested into their “membership”.

So be really careful with such platforms and rather trust your gut feeling. Usually, as with everything in this business: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.


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