Recording musicians separately

Whenever you record an instrument or a section separate from the rest of the orchestra/line-up, never just record them to click and nothing else. Musicians hate playing something without hearing or knowing the context that they’re in which makes it also extremely difficult for them to phrase things properly but even more intonate properly. Whenever possible give them as many options as you can on their headphones together with he click to listen to before or while they’re playing. Sometimes they might want just a specific section or instrument for orientation so the more different things you have available, the better. From a mixing standpoint, recording an orchestra or a section separate makes a lot of sense, from the musician’s and interpretation standpoint, it is really uncomfortable and you will get a better interpretation with all playing together. I personally try to record as much as possible with a tutti and only split into stems on very specific projects where maximum flexibility is needed or I simply need a different sound.


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