Relying on only a Few Clients

Always take care to have a wide range of customers. When you are in a comfortable position of getting a steady flow of projects and therefore income from a few customers, you might not see the urgent pressure to aquire new customers but such situations are very dangerous.

In the media world, bankrupcies of companies or personal failures of certain people can and do happen very quickly and if that affects one of your or even THE main customer of yours, things will get nasty for you very quickly. You will most likely not be able to quickly compensate the sudden loss of a customer who filled up a major part of your projects.

Everybody working in the field knows how much time and effort it takes to build up a reputation and network that can sustain a steady project flow. So even if your current situation seems to be quite comfortable, if you’re relying on only a few customers do anything to expand your network so that you will be able to compensate for a loss.


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