Remote Music Mixing

Being present on the music mix is obviously the best situation but sometimes due to budget or location issues, it is not possible to be there. Unless you’re mixing the music yourself, you need to have quite a bit of trust in your mixing engineer. In such cases, you should write very precise notes about how you want the music mix to sound.

Best would be to include recordings that for example illustrate the amount of ambience and general estehtics of how you want the music to sound. Additionally, you should provide detailed notes regarding specific mix wishes, ideally with timings and/or bar numbers. Things like “3M4, bar 25 – please make sure this flute solo is present and sounds very airy” are a good indicator for your mixing engineer.

Doing this in a very detailed way will prevent you from several back-and-forth mixing correction emails/telephone calls and ultimately save you a lot of time.


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