Sending Out More Than One Cue

If you’re working on a film score or a project that involves writing more than one cue, it might generally be a good idea to send out small batches of several cues to get feedback rather than sending out each cue one by one. If you send out individual cues to get feedback on, your client might feel the need to comment on something just for the sake of giving feedback rather than just approving it. You might get some feedback and rewrite requests just because there “needed to be some feedback”, not because it actually helped the cue. Sending out several tracks at once to get feedback on might make it easier to just get things approved and comments might actually be focused on things that really need to be changed.

However, don’t overdo this strategy. Sending a lot of tracks for feedback at once might be just too much to process and also might create some suspicious delivery gaps in between. The ideal number of cues to get feedback on is somewhere between three and five per batch. So from a purely psychological standpoint, this strategy might be the easier way to get things approved.


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