Starting a Career as Film or Game Composer

There is no standard way to find an entrance into the film/game scoring world. The essential thing to understand is that it is a highly individual way for everybody and just because it worked for one person doesn’t mean it will also work for you. There will most likely not be any specific event that jump starts your career but it will be a long way up. Also, there is a lot of luck and circumstance involved.

One thing that can probably be boiled down to being an important factor on a career is to be lucky enough to be part of a project that turns some heads or becomes successful. Such a thing is quite guaranteed to generate follow-up projects by the same or new clients. So, it might be a wise choice to rather look for exceptional projects that have potential rather than well paid projects that seem to be of mediocre quality.

In general, all sustaining careers in this field are based on hard work. Continously delivering good work, being trustworthy and professional also on a personal level are things that are essential.

But of course, success is often simply down to being at the right time at the right place. So, you can hardly plan with it. The only thing you can actively pursue is to actually use the chances that come your way to network and getting your name around.


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