Stereo Snare Drums

The advantage of recording a score in a scoring stage versus playing a “regular concert” with an orchestra is that you can alter the setup of each cue (within reason).

For instance when you want a really large snare drum sound, let’s say in marches or action sequences, it is benefitial to put two players with a snare drum each in the far left and far right corner of the percussion section and let them play identical parts. This gives a nice stereo effect on the snare drums and when you’re playing to click, there shouldn’t be any noticeable differences between the parts (depending on your players) on the recording.

One snare drum alone can sometimes sound a bit weak on recording, especially with the film esthetics of percussion sound that everybody has in mind. You can even go as far as placing more snare drums in the room or in the percussion section depending on how many players you have available and how much setup time you want to sacrifice for this.


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