Streamlined Working Environment

Keep your working environment streamlined and focused. Many people like buying all sorts of gear or sample library they can get their fingers on and believe it will improve their output quality but in reality, the more you have the worse it gets.

Working your way through many different libraries basically covering the same instruments and trying to learn how to use all these libraries and what strengths and weaknesses they have will eat up so much of the time you could otherwise spend writing music or getting really good at using what you had already.

The same applies for gear/software. Unless you don’t have the feeling that you are really lacking something or you think that buying the new library/software/gear MIGHT give you a better result but you don’t really know how, you should really think about whether it is worth getting it. In the end, you need a streamlined working process which you will not be able to aquire if you keep doing massive changes on your setup. As with writing music, very often the most fascinating results arise from limited possibilities.


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