Marking Scores During Recording Sessions

In recording session situations, it is crucial to keep an overview over which parts of a cue are already covered in a good take and which parts still need another take or a few bars to patch them later in the editing.

A very easy and effective way of keeping track of that is to use differently colored markers  for each take to make notes in the score sheet. During a take, circle in (in the respective color) which notes weren’t quite to your satisfaction or any other problems in that take. It might also help to highlight passages that you think were particularly good in a take.

If you remember or write down which color you used for which take, just by skipping through the score sheet later on, you know if everything is covered in a take. Also, if you edit things yourself, these color marked score sheets will come in handy to not needing to listen through everything in detail several times to find the best take but rather use your notes as a guide.


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