The Composer’s Solitude

Being a composer very often is a very lonely profession. The combination of projects that require long hours, working in a home studio, being a one man show and not really needing to go out to make money can sometimes result in phases where one disappears for days or sometimes even weeks from social interaction.

While of course many composers do have a partner or family, the lack of interaction with the “outside world” can become psychologically problematic. Things that are an automatic everyday business for “normal” people become tasks that a composer has to actively pursue. Most people will have a problem with this sparse social interaction so being a composer means that you need to find ways and invest more energy into your social contacts. You don’t get to see “friends from work” everyday anyway, so you need to actively compensate for that.

Make sure to not lose sight of your friends, call them up regularly, arrange social events and visit each other, even when deadlines are tight and you should rather work on that one cue. Sometimes having a good talk with a friend, attend a party with your friends etc. will have a more energizing and inspiring effect than sitting all day in the studio trying to find an idea.


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