The End of Daily Film Scoring Bits?

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of Daily Film Scoring Bits. What started out as a small idea has quickly developed into a very popular resource for learning composers. I received great feedback from all over the world and obviously these small chunks of experience I gathered here resonated very well with the age of internet learning.

Over the last years, my personal workload as a composer, orchestrator and arranger has grown and it got increasingly more diffcult to squeeze time out of my daily work schedule to write these tips. Additionally, with many topics I felt more and more like I was just scratching the surface to stay in the confinements of this format but would have prefered to go much deeper into details.

I think it is time for a change.

Daily Film Scoring Bits will NOT dissappear and I will continue to post them in the same format as I currently do, just not as regular anymore. Also, all the tips will remain accessible. However, I recently set up a Patreon Page. With as little as 1$ per month you will allow me to make time in my work schedule to continue writing these snippets of knowledge and you will get exclusive access to them.

Depending on how popular this gets, I will also be able to write more comprehensive articles about composing and orchestrating for film as well as give you exclusive access to “behind the scenes” from my own work, such as score sheets, live streams, composition walkthroughs, analyses and explanations on why I do things the way I do. I even added an option to send in your work for feedback.

I would be very thankful if you considered becoming a Patron and support my work. If not, nothing much will change. You will be able to enjoy the occasional “Daily” Film Scoring Bit as you currently do right here, just not every day anymore.


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