The “Lucky Punch” Project

A career as a media composer is incredibly unlikely to launch like a rocket out of nowhere. And yet there are many composers who (secretly) wait for the call from a blockbuster director offering them a job that is several levels beyond the league of their current projects.

Building up a career as a composer usually comes with no shortcuts. You will need to work your way up step by step which takes a lot of time. Reports of composers being hired for a blockbuster from their social profiles or suddenly having a lucky shot are extremely rare and usually non-sustaining.

A lack of experience and professionalism can not be compensated just with luck if you want to sustain such a career. So take active measures to push your career forward bit by bit. Maybe it might even seem like you’re not getting any forward for months. It simply takes a long breath to get where you want.

Remember that John Williams scored the first Star Wars at the age of 45. And this wasn’t a lucky punch either. He built up a remarkable career before that, getting his name around, working on many projects, even winning two Oscars before.


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