The Relevance of your IMDB Page

In the film world, your IMDb page is quite important to showcase your references. This platform has been the standard in the industry for several years now. Producers/companies might even check your IMDb page to find out about your professional past.

While this is great for composers who do a lot of work on film and TV and already have a considerable list of credits there, it is rather problematic for composers who for example work a lot in the advertising or music library business as much of their work will not show up on there. Try to keep your IMDb page as up to date as possible. If you’re not listed on a project that you’ve worked with, you can add your credit on the respective project page. Be aware that it will take ome time before it shows up on your profile. Also, if any of your projects is not listed there but should be (be aware that they have restrictions on what projects they accept) try to get it on there.

Note that most possible clients will rather trust the IMDb page than what you’ve written as your projects on your web site, so it is wise to spend a little time to make your IMDb page as best looking as possible.

With the more recently introduced IMDb Pro, you can add even more details to your profiles (as well as a picture) and do more targeted searches for contact details. However, of course this is not for free. There is a free trial period where you can check out whether the extra functions are useful for you, however from my experience, they usually aren’t that helpful.


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