The Right Way of Finding Ideas

There is no wrong or right way to compose music. Essentially, what works best for you to get ideas is the right way. Many people feel like cheating when finding ideas by playing random things on the piano or even clicking away in the piano roll of their DAW etc and think they need to get to a point where they hear a fully orchestrated piece in their head when getting up in the morning just needing to write it down.

It is completely irrelevant how you get your ideas, even if you just accidentally stumble over a few notes while something falls on your keyboard is a way. As long as you have the chops to take it from there and develop it into an actual piece of music. As many famous composers already stated in several popular quotes, having the inspiration is just a small portion of what makes a piece great. So don’t feel forced to compose in any specific way. If your front door squeaks an interesting melodic fragment that you like to use as the base of your piece, then that’s just as fine as waking up in the morning with a fully orchestrated piece in your head.

What counts in the end is the final result. As long as you deliver something good in the end, your method is good.


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